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About Us

  • Founded
    Hanani was incoporated in 2007
  • Our Passion
    We are good at coordinating and managing resources, people, processes and technologies
  • Our Logo
    Our work is like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle until the full picture is attained
  • Our work
    Is arrayed into easy to manage compartments focused on an end goal
  • Teams
    Our teams are arranged to ensure optimum results
  • Best Practise
    Our teams bring added value through previously learnt experience from previous encountered many similar projects elsewhere. This ready and practical experience adds real value and spares our clients the costs associated with learning curves
  • Clients
    Our business is centred around ensuring we deliver the ultimate service to our customers
  • Systems
    Our array of internationally proven hi-tech software tools enhances our project implementation improving overall cost effectiveness and efficiency

We aim to be the market leader of Project Management Services for organisations within South Africa and internationally

To be entrusted by our customers and partners with their key strategic initiatives confidently knowing that our primary focus and objective is centred on their desired outcomes

Each project is approached, executed and measured against predetermined business objectives

Maintaining the highest possible professional standards and ethical conduct

Our operations are guided by our seven-fold business credo

  • Understanding
    your business: its internal and external environment
  • Planning
    comprehensively and effectively
  • Focusing
    on objectives and delivery
  • Adapting
    proven solutions to create winning projects
  • Controlling
    the full spectrum project variables throughout the project life cycle
  • Coordinating
    all project components to ensure they interact effectively and timorously
  • Upholding
    professional and ethical conduct at all times

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